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We at EPC believe balance is an active way of living; not a passive way of being. Everyone has different needs, wants, and aspirations, and these unique factors can often complicate one’s efforts toward improving a given situation. We also believe that a person never achieves balance; rather, must always work to maintain it. We do not see balance as a static concept. We see it as a dynamic, ongoing process that requires persistence and deliberate action to reap the benefits. By framing balance in this way our clients learn how to develop/sustain the endurance necessary for optimal living and to maximize the business of living.   



We at EPC believe that the courage to struggle with individual possibilities and limitations ultimately empowers people to work towards balancing what they're expected to do and doing what they want to do. We support our clients by facilitating firm and candid conversations to clarify their preexisting framework, which often leads to a better understanding of themselves, what they want, and how to live authentically in the world around them.



We at EPC are dedicated to nurturing the centrality of human relationships by customizing our work to our clients’ specific needs and desired outcomes. With over 30 years of education/training and real-world experience, we pride ourselves on the ability to demonstrate high standards in counseling expertise, cultural sensitivity, product quality, respect, and integrity. We know a lot about what we love to do and do it well.



We at EPC believe in the importance of living and leading by example. We work with our clients by discovering and building upon constructive insights to problems/issues and move them towards developing plans for an effective solution. Whether our clients need strategic academic or career advise, tools for stress/anxiety management, relationship support, or constructive feedback that address a combination of issues, we always approach challenges with our clients' values as a top priority. By incorporating lessons-learned from the past and present, our clients leave with tools and knowledge that enable them to better navigate their future.

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