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A call to Action . . .

Trust the counseling process and give yourself a chance to relearn how to maximize the business of living.



To help safeguard your confidentiality, privacy, and to ensure the highest level of therapeutic/collaborative support, EPC does not take insurance.

Many insurance companies set a limit on the number of allowable sessions and require a mental health diagnosis that often stays on your permanent record. These diagnoses may be reported by your insurance company during, for example, applications for security clearances and life insurance policy suitability and/or eligibility checks. 


Service invoices, however, are available upon request to submit to your insurance providers. EPC does not guarantee payee insurance reimbursement for any counseling services rendered.


All EPC professional services are offered in English & Spanish (Applicable to In-Office and Technology Assisted Counseling; TAC)

  • Initial 15-min phone consultation: Free


  • Initial Intake/Consultations

    • Individual--$160

    • Couple/Family--$200

(Intakes are approx. 70-80 mins)

  • Standard Sessions 

    • Individual--$120

    • Couple/Family--$180

(Standard sessions approx. 60-70 mins)​

  • Specialized body-centered interventions are available. Contact us for specific pricing and information.


  • Consultations after  the professional counseling relationship is established  (phone/video only):15-min increments of $75 ea

Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

*Reduced fees available for military members, teachers, and for services provided by LPC-Associates

Technology Assisted Counseling (TAC)

TAC is the provision of mental health services through audio and video technology (e.g., phone, video).

It enables counseling sessions to occur via a HIPAA-compliant platform to protect your privacy.


TAC is a discreet and effective way to seek counseling services from the safety and comfort of your own home.

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