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All EPC services are available in Spanish and English (oral and written)

Believe it or not, anxiety and stress are not ALL bad. Many high achievers (e.g., business executives, athletes, academics, and performing artists) struggle with anxiety and stress—it comes with the territory. In fact, a moderate level of anxiety and stress are necessary for action and optimal functioning. The key is not to suppress or ignore either one; rather, to learn how to identify triggers, self-regulate, and use healthy levels of stress/anxiety as fuel.  

We are not the typical counseling practice. EPC is a dynamic and energetic business that offers a unique blend of reflective inquiry and diplomatic assertiveness. To give our clients the highest level of care and quality support, we only provide services to private-paying clients. Our unique blend of personal characteristics, professional training/education, and depth/breadth of multicultural expertise reinforces our ability to counsel efficiently and effectively. Contact us  for a complimentary 15-minute consultation to explore the potential of establishing a collaborative therapeutic/working relationship to move you or your organization beyond obstacles that impede high performance.

EPC mental health specialties include following areas:



Career Counseling

Stress Management

Cultural Awareness Training

Mental Focus for Performance Optimization

EPC provides domestic and international consultation/training lectures and activities for individuals and groups.  Costs for these services vary and are based on the specific needs, requirements, and desired outcome of the client(s). Contact us for more information on these services. 


EPC consultation/training specialties include the following areas:

Our great selection of servies

Cultural Sensitivity

Social/Cultural Issues in Business

Team Building

Focus Optimization

Career Planning

Self-Care and Stress Management

Online Counseling 

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